Have at it, Sister

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Gloria Burtzlaff feared for her life one day back in April of 1991 when she says her abusive husband Larry, drunk and violent, slapped her, punched her and began pelting her with drinking glasses. Gloria says that after he tried to drown her in a tub, she got the family shotgun and confronted him as he appeared before her dressed only his underwear, drink in hand. “Larry, I’m going to kill you,” she declared. Prosecutors would later claim he lifted his glass as if to say, “Have at it, sister.”

A veteran anchor on CNBC for three decades, Bill Griffeth is an accomplished author and amateur genealogist, and has spent his time in quarantine perfecting the art of paleo cooking. His latest book, The Stranger in my Genes, chronicles his discovery in 2012 after taking a DNA test that his father is not his father.

“Reads like an epic episode of ‘This American Life.’” 

—Molly Gillespie, Joseph-Beth Booksellers